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The Financial Advisor Communications System (FACS) puts you in control of a powerful platform designed to help you increase AUM and fulfill your obligations to clients as a fiduciary.


●  Weekly email campaigns strategically managed with a Constant Contact coach

●  Educational articles and videos

●  Feature your own content anytime

●  Constant Contact email marketing tools, analytics, and coaching

●  Investment strategies from economist Fritz Meyer

●  Tax strategies from Robert Keebler, a leading educator of tax professionals

●  Timely marketing campaigns

●  Monthly-updated FINRA-reviewed articles and videos

●  Integrates with your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts

●  Calls to action generate inbound leads

●  AdvisorVault Client Portals

●  Integrated with portfolio accounting, financial planning, and CRM applications

● Automated website archiving

● Four hours of service annually from our help desk


FACS's content marketing platform can be added to any existing website for $500 quarterly and a $1000 setup fee. If you have a WordPress site, this is a good solution.


If you don't have an existing website, want a secure modern-looking client portal, need search engine optimization assistance, website archiving, help-desk support, marketing consulting, or value our online tools, then the $750 quarterly payment plan is right for you.